IMG_3709Acai Berry
sweet, succulent acai berries

Absolutely Autumn
the smell of falling leaves with a touch of pumpkin & apples “new”

Apple Peel
that fresh crisp smell of a ripe red apple “new” 

Bahama Berry
ripe, sweet berries & succulent melons

Bamboo & Teak
a rich and luxurious aroma with hints of sandalwood, cedarwood, musk, floral & sweet fruit

Bergamot & Lavender
a wonderful spa fragrance with two calming aromas “best seller”

Blue Spruce
a fresh pine scent

Butterscotch Brulee
rich butterscotch & Caramel

bottom notes of sandalwood, cedarwood, amber & musk

Citrus & Sage
a relaxing herbal blend of earthy sage and lemon-lime

Clean Cotton
 fresh, crisp, linen aroma

Coconut Lime
a citrus bouquet of lime, lemon, verbena, with a soft coconut undertone

sweet juicy cranberries

fresh notes of evergreen

Eucalyptus “new”
a fresh clean aroma with subtle notes of mint and wood

French Vanilla 
buttery vanilla “best seller”

Fresh Linen
fresh laundry scent with a hint of floral

Grandma’s Kitchen
a delicious scent with touches of clove, cinnamon and vanilla

Holly Berry
citrus notes of mandarin, grapefruit & bergamot “new”

fresh blooming honeysuckle

Indonesian Teakwood
a blend of citrus, teakwood, patchouli and amber

freshly picked lavender

Lemon Fresh
just like freshly squeezed lemons

a blend of strong citrus lemon with a touch of green notes “best seller”

Love Spell
a sweet bouquet of apple, peach, mandarin orange, berries, bergamot on an undertone of white musk

Lovestruck – Vera Wang “type”

Midnight Pomegranate
red pomegranate, anise, patchouli and blackberries

a true tart berry fragrance “best seller”

Muskoka Woods “best seller”
a sweet, woody aroma

Ocean Breeze
fresh ocean air “new”

a sweet patchouli with hints of Nag Champa

Pear Basil
a refreshing pear scent with a hint of basil “new”

Pink Grapefruit
grapefruit with a touch of rosemary “new”

sweet plums with a hint of spice “new”

Pumpkin Delight
pumpkin with a perfect mix of spices

rich sandalwood with light notes of cedarwood and light musk

Sensual Amber
lotus petals, amber, succulent plum and creamy sandalwood

White Tea & Ginger
a bouquet of jasmine tea with notes of fresh lemon and a touch of exotic spices

a fresh, warm, woody fragrance “new”

Vanilla Hazelnut
hazelnut mixed with creamy vanilla “new”