About Soy Wax

Soy wax is derived by the extraction of natural oils from the soy bean plant and is a favourite amongst environmentally conscious people for its natural properties.

Candles made with Soy wax have many advantages over traditional paraffin and beeswax candles. They are better for our health, environment and provide a better quality candle.

Benefits of Soy Wax:


Soy beans are pressed to extract their natural oils. This oil is then hydrogenated into a wax.  Soy wax is friendly to the environment and is 100% biodegradable – a natural product.

All Natural Renewable Resource

Since soy wax comes from the soy bean, the wax is 100% natural. Paraffin wax, on the other hand, is a by-product of petroleum production and is not renewable. Burning of soy candles does not give off toxins or increase the CO2 level in the air. Soy candles support Canadian and American farmers and our agriculture industry instead of supporting the petroleum industry.

Low Burn Temperature

With a lower burning temperature than most other candles, soy candles are safer to have around your home and office. Our container candles are cool enough when burning that you can dip your finger in the wax without any scalding. A candle made with paraffin would most likely burn your skin if you came in contact with the heated wax.

Long Lasting

Soy candles burn slower and last 30% – 50% longer than paraffin, giving consumers more value for their candle dollars.

Great Scent Throw

Soy Candles retain their scent for the life of the candle. The fragrance does not dissipate over time.

Easy Clean-Up

Soy wax is extremely easy to clean up and is water soluble. After your candle is finished simply wash out the container with warm soapy water.


Soy wax has many natural characteristics that are often mistaken for defects in the candle. One of these characteristics called “Frosting” appears naturally in soy wax. It is the process in which the colour in a soy candle slowly turns white. This is also a great indicator that the wax used to make your soy candle is 100% soy with no additives.

While these properties of soy wax do change the appearance of your candle, it is important to know that it will not affect the burning or fragrance throw of your candle. To help prevent these changes from occurring, store your soy candle in a cool dark location when not in use.

Safety Precautions

Appropriate precautions should be taken every time you light a candle.

The following simple steps will ensure that you can enjoy your candle in a safe way:

  • NEVER leave a burning candle unattended and always keep a burning candle within sight
  • Always trim your wick to ¼ inch before lighting
  • Trim off any mushroom top on your wick before lighting
  • Keep candles out of the reach of children and pets
  • Do not burn your candle near drafts, vents or other flammable objects (e.g, drapes, carpets, paper, etc.)
  • Always burn candles on a heat resistant surface
  • Always leave a couple of inches between burning candles
  • Always burn in a well ventilated room
  • Do not burn a candle if the container is damaged or cracked
  • Keep the wax pool free of wick trimmings, matches and other debris. This is dangerous and can cause excessive smoke and soot
  • Do not extinguish your candle by placing a lid on the container. Not only is this dangerous, but it will leave excessive soot in your container and could possibly crack the glass. It is always best to extinguish your candle with a snuffer